Transmutación (Transmutation)

The Transmutation of the raw stone to the cubic stone represents the process of personal and spiritual transformation. The raw stone refers to the initial state of an individual, ignorant and formless, while the cubic stone represents perfection, wisdom and enlightenment achieved through the process of transmutation, and within the cube the spiritual essence represented as a sphere of gold, which is born from the universal essence of life represented by the sea of gold, connecting the individual with the universe.

Digitally created 3D scenes. Hand signed and numbered on the back by the author. High quality images. Native renders 49 Mpx. Maximum detail.
Editions limited to 25 copies.

Sizes: 70cm. x 70cm. / 100cm. x 100cm.


  1. Baryta FineArt Print - Hahnemühle Light White 100% A-Cellulose Paper From Hahnemühle. Smooth Paper Surface With High Gloss. 325 Gr/M2. Acid Free And No Bleach.
  2. Printing on aluminum (Dibond). Direct printing of 7 inks, clear or light inks included. With hanging bracket included.

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